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Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode supported by the Fund of Solidarity and Development of Student Initiatives at the University Paris 8, is to organize the Art Project “ART AND CLIMATE OF XXI CENTURY”.



“The air, oceans, glaciers, climate, soils: all that we have destabilized interacts with us,” wrote Bruno Latour. Can we attract the attention to the  ecological crisis through art? Climate changes are everyone’s business. Art can help to educate a wide audience to the ecological crisis we are experiencing. Young artists can try to propose the images that express Climate Disasters through the terms of art and design . The proposed works will raise the awareness concerning the issues of ecology and protection of nature.


The Art Project is aimed at supporting and developing innovative forms in the field of visual arts, fashion and design.

The participation in the Art Project is open and free for artists from different countries and there is no age restriction.


Art Project’s goals are as follows:

– cultural exchange and international cooperation in the field of arts and design;

– raising the professional level;

– creation of favorable conditions for the realization of the creative potential of young artists;

– presentation to students and young professionals  the latest trends in the global fashion industry;

– acquisition of experience in participation in international exhibitions.

– awareness of climate and ecological crisis we are experiencing and the leading role we all can play in this fight to save our planet.


The Art Project does not limit the participants regarding the style, the form or the technique of the works; the works can be presented as drawings, paintings, collages, design or photography. The participants will consider the theme of the Art Project and its specificities.


The Art Project is open to students from all over the world and will take place in two stages. The work must be sent in digital format by the end of before 5 st August 2016.

The Art Project will have two stages: the qualifying stage and the final stage.


  1. Qualifying round:

– Fill in the application form on the website of Studio Parisien Arts and Fashion in Art Project section:

– Upload from 1 to 3 works from 1 February to 1 August ( .jpg / png, max 1200X1200px; 72dpi, RGB) Each work must  include the last name and first name of the participant, the date of his birth, the name of the university.


  1. Final stage:


– In August 2016, 50 best works participating in the Art Project will be published on the website of Paris Studio Arts and Fashion and the works of the 30 top works  will be printed and exhibited at  the University Paris 8 and the Art gallery in Paris.


The graduation ceremony for the winners and finalists of Art Project will be held in October , 2016 in the Art Gallery in Paris.


The authors and organizers of the Art Project, as part of the price fund, plan to print the album with the 50 best art works of the  Art Project and to present brief biographical information of the finalists and winners. The album will be available in several languages ​​and will be presented in the art gallery.


The prize-winners and finalists will receive diplomas from the Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode.


The jury of the Art Project:

The jury of the Art Project consists of the professors of the Parisian Studio Arts and Fashion, professors of the University of Paris 8, the artists and organizers of the Art Project.



The participation in the Art Project presupposes an unconditional acceptance of these Regulations and irrevocable decisions of the jury.

      Each  participant who sends his project to this competition certifies and guarantees that he is the exclusive and sole author and that he does not violate directly and / or indirectly any third party rights .

     All selected candidates will be graciously entrusted to Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode reproduction rights in all the media related to the presentation of the exhibition and the Art Project.

 Studio Parisien des Arts et de la Mode reserves the right to make changes or cancel this competition if circumstances require.




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