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Fashion Academy

Our Fashion Academy gives an unprecedented opportunity to discover the diversity of current trends in Paris, the center of world cultural heritage. This is the city where you can feel a unique atmosphere and where have been born innovative trends that have changed the world history of art. Paris is a leading capital which sets the tone for fashion and industry of art.

Engaging in our Fashion Academy Program will enable  you to enhance your knowledge in the field of fashion and art. Current programs are designed to increase your knowledge and improve your artistic skills. The theoretical and practical work are designed within the framework of French teaching methods and are taught by qualified specialists. This approach allows participants to expand the scope of their knowledge of theory and at the same time is an inspiration which boosts their creativity. Each program based on the richness of France’s cultural heritage and gives a comprehensive coverage of the theme of the course.

Our Assets and Strength :

Fashion Academy offers a fantastic opportunity to :

  • Follow a training program in Paris, at the very heart of latest fashion trends
  • Acquire knowledge and exclusive competences in the field of fashion and art
  • Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and share the creative process with professionals
  • Get acquainted with the French perception of art
  • Discover remarkable masterpieces of Contemporary Art
  • See the magic and history of Legendary Parisian Haute Couture
  • Immerse yourself in unique Parisian atmosphere, feel the lightness and elegance of the City of Light

Our Mission and Goals :

  • Through a variety of courses, workshops, lectures, cultural events and exchanges between secondary and higher education institutions, promotion of cultural exchanges which will focus on the world of fashion, and all kind of arts related to fashion industry.
  • Organising of contests
  • Support and Assistance to foreign students seeking to integrate French schools (help with administrative problems, preparing of entrance exams, help in finding accommodation, various information etc)

Fashion Academy prohibits all discrimination based on gender

or political, religious or philosophical opinions. Through its activity Fashion Academy promotes freedom of thought, conscience, expression, and equality before the law, regardless of gender, race, national origin or religion. The Fashion Academy is not dependent on any political party or any religious body.

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