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Draping a bespoke dress

Draping a bespoke dress

In the heart of the world’s fashion capital, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dressmaking using Haute Couture Draping techniques.

”Draping a bespoke dress” program by Paris Fashion Academy includes theoretical and practical courses, as well as the stay at the hotel in the historical center of Paris and the accompaniment of a group throughout the program.

Learning goals: learn how to drape a bespoke dress based on your own dress sketch.  Result: you will master the draping, this particular technique of clothing creation used by the most famous Parisian Haute couture houses.

You will also discover the diversity of the latest textile trends (colors and textures) and admire the samples that were used by the major fashion houses.

All program participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

Course program

The steps of draping of a dress base (tailored or a fit and flare dress depending on your sketch)

  • Preparation of supplies
  • Sketch analysis of your future dress
  • Explanation of industry grain lines / seams on a dress form
  • Preparation of the dress form: application of the style tape that will help to visualize the proportions of the dress form
  • Application of the second color style tape in order to define the lines of your future creation
  • Decatising – process of preparing your muslin blocks for draping
  • Marking the guidelines of the future dress on the muslin
  • Draping of the dress base (tailored/fin and flare) on the dress form
  • Draping of the various parts of the dress following the steps according to your sketch
  • Adjustments

Daily Programme

Day 1

Arrival, check-in at the hotel 

14.00 Course presentation, making of the task list that has to be completed based on your sketch. Sketch analysis.

Introduction to draping on the dress form.  Application of the lines on the dress form and the basic lines of the future dress with a style tape. Fabric decatising/preparing of muslin blocks.  

Free time 

Day 2 

Breakfast at the hotel 

10.00 Tracing with a pencil of fundamental lines on your muslin:  the horizontal lines and the measurement deviations (vertical lines) before pinning it on your mannequin.  

Draping in sections, such as: front bodice, back bodice, front skirt and back skirt according to your sketch. Pinning.  

12.30 Lunch 

14.00 Take your marked pieces off the form.  Evaluation of the fit and making any necessary adjustments on the table. Pinning and assembling muslin on the dress form again.  

17: 00 Lecture on the latest trends in textile and fabrics: colors and textures of fabrics in the upcoming seasons.  Demonstration of the samples that were used by famous fashion houses. 

Free time 

Day 3


Breakfast at the hotel 

10.00 Draping. Triming of pieces to 1cm seam allowance for ease of sewing together into a first draft of your garment.  

13.00 Lunch 

14.00 Addition of decorative elements (folds, basque, flaps, etc.). Working up on the alterations and amendments. 

Free time 

Day 4


Breakfast at the hotel 

10.00 Final dress adjustments with all parts. Preparation of dress for general presentation of works, course analysis and key takeaways with the instructor. 

14.00 Lunch

15.00 General presentation of the work.  

18.00 Presentation of certificates to participants.


Tuition fees include: 

  • Transfer to the hotel from the airport
  • Stay at the hotel in the historical center of the city in a TWIN room
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Courses and workshops listed in the program
  • Creation of the garment prototype according to your sketch
  • Supplies necessary for your work: dress form, fabric for draping (muslin blocks), steel pins, scissors, style tape, rulers, curved rulers, an iron etc.
  • Group accompaniment
  • Certificate of course completion


Tuition fees do not include:

  • Tickets to Paris (airplane, bus, train etc).
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Health insurance – compulsory
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch)
  • Public transportation in Paris (up to 25 EUR)

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